Blender 2.70 (New Release)

BlogIndonesia - Blender memberikan spektrum pemodelan yang luas, texturing, pencahayaan, animasi dan video fungsionalitas pengolahan pasca dalam satu paket. Blender adalah salah satu aplikasi grafis paling populer Open Source 3D di dunia.

Popular Features:

  • Cycles Render Engine
  • Motion Tracking
  • UV Tools
  • "Carve" Booleans
  • Remesh modifier
  • Game Engine
  • Collada
  • Python API.
Blender 2.70

What's in this release 2.70:
Fix: View3D could have invalid transform orientation using undo
Fix: Auto-perspective was changing to perspective while orbiting
Fix: Black matcap when object located on a curve
Fix: Z-offset problems with camera view
Fix: Missing 3D view redraw when editing group layers and offset
Correct GLSL preview: material using shader nodes didn't consider "Transparency" is a shader pipeline option. 
Fix: Setting scene frame does not update active camera
Fix: Dopesheet / Graph editor, select columns between markers doesn't appear to work
Fix: Animation channels can't be grouped in action editor
Fix: Restrict Frame Range not being obeyed on Driver F-Curves
Fix: Bones are not selectable in weight paint mode anymore
Fix: Crash on RMB click on bone's custom property
Fix: Bone Crash when holding Ctrl+RMB
Fix: Transformation bone constraint breaks Track To / Dumped Track
Fix: Audio Only Sequencer wont render
Fix: Audio does not Scrub, plays fully instead
Fix: Motion tracker crash blender
Fix: Plane track can't be adjust when select mouse is set to left
Fix: Save to file - increment number doesn't update background color of filename field if hovered
Fix: User prefs > Input - Category names cut off
Fix: Default keybindings: Text editor auto-complete accepts Return, but not Numpad Enter
Fix: Expanded Enum Alignment glitching

Over 560 Bug Fixes.

Cara Install Blender 2.70:
sudo add-apt-repository ppa:irie/blender
sudo apt-get update
sudo apt-get install blender 

Jika mengalami kesulitan dalam mencoba, silahkan hubungi Admin, Terima Kasih. 
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